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This site is devoted to the understanding and repair of vintage and classic fountain pens.  I am no longer offering a repair service; it is my intention to provide the information and tools required for repair and to encourage people to do their own repairs.

Collecting fountain pens and the study of their history is an absorbing activity, but for me nothing quite matches the satisfaction of restoring pens to their original operating condition.  Only by handling a pen and using it in the manner originally intended can you recapture an appreciation of the quality of the instrument, and in your imagination, the various people who have written with it over the years.


Pen Repair Books

1.  Pen Repair 3rd Edition (Marshall and Oldfield).

The third edition has the same spiral binding and format as the second edition.
There are a few extra pens described and there is more information on repairing ball point pens: the concept of ‘Webnotes’ has been introduced; some piston pen repair techniques have been revised, and there is more information on adhesives and making cork and rubber seals.  The section on British pens has been updated, and more tools have been added.

The third edition is £28 ($45) when purchased from the authors.  RRP is £30. Post and packing to the UK is £4, to Europe £9 and to the rest of the world £14.
The book is available now.  Please e-mail me for a personally autographed copy (only available from the authors).

For sample pages and ordering information, click the Pen Repair Books link.

2.  Onoto Pen Repair (Crook, Hull, Marshall and Oldfield)
Site updates:

12 January  New tool for  and nib/feed removal from Pilot capless pen.

07 September  New tools for thread and seat cleaning in Vacumatics

25 November  More nice classic pens for sale

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Dr Laurence Oldfield

UK Tel: 0774 149 3036


Parker Lucky Curve Senior

My main interest is in pens that are generally  regarded as difficult to restore, including De La Rue Onoto piston fillers, Sheaffer Vac-fil, Eversharp piston fillers, Sheaffer Touchdown and PFM, Swan Visofil, Blackbird Topfill, Ford piston fillers, Waterman safety pens, Conway Stewart piston fillers etc.

Restored pens are offered for sale.  Many letters of appreciation have been received (see ‘Testimonials’).

I intend to devote more time to writing technical articles (which will be added to those already existing in the technical section of this site), and to the development of new design repair tools that will make easier some of the more daunting repair tasks.

The book was produced in honour of Arthur Twydle (the UK pen guru).  Arthur was starting work on the book with our cooperation at the time of his death, so we have completed it.

The three sections cover general topics, specific pens (such as Vacumatic, PFM, Visofil etc.) and advanced topics such as nib work, cap lip replacement, plating, threads, and machining.

Sold out - please apply to Peter Crook

Web Notes

Click on ‘Web Notes’ to access the pages dedicated to support Pen Repair 3rd Edition