Please note that the tools illustrated below were designed and hand made by me.  As with all hand made items, subsequent productions will not be identical to the originals and will likely incorporate improvements resulting from experience in use.   I do not carry a large stock, so please enquire regarding delivery dates for specific items.  All tools include instructions, and in some cases, a full repair manual is available.

I am willing to quote for tools made up to your design specification.

If you wish to purchase, please e-mail me ( for availability, shipping cost and method of payment.
Mabie Todd Swan Visofil VT tools.

Nut tool £26  
Tools for plug removal £32.
Button pin removal tool £8.

Note that all VT pens require the nut tool.  About 90% of pens have their end plugs glued in or are such a tight fit that the pen mechanism will be damaged before they can be pulled out.  The safest way is to use the plug tool, but a new plug must be made using any convenient material (hard rubber, cork etc).  The plug does not need to be a good seal to the pen barrel.
Please look at my article on the VT referenced from the Technical page.
Waterman Ink-Vu tools

Small and large size dismantling tools £25 each: these tools provide a secure location on the sac nut.  This function can also be performed by the spanner, but the risk of damage to the delicate hard rubber components is much higher.  The spanner is required for mounting the new sac (2- sizes in one)  £15.
De La Rue Piston Filler Tools

Tool for removal and reseating of cork seals £36,  tool for removal of hard rubber pins £8 and a block (5601 and 6234 type pens) for supporting the pen and piston head whilst knocking out the rubber pin.   £12.
Tools for making seals are shown below.
Conway Stewart cap tool

Tool for removal of ‘nut and bolt’ type clip screws found mainly on the CS84, but occasionally on CS58/60.  The pins on the end of the driver engage the fine slits in the nut.  Screws are often corroded and a good soak in cold water is often required to soften hardened ink deposits.
Full instructions and hints provided.
Nut tool
Plug remover tools
Button pin remover
Nib Section Knock Block

This tool enables the safe removal of the nib and feed from the section.

Two drift rods are provided, one with a central hole so that sections with fixed breather tubes can be removed.

Price £15
Tool kit for de-dinging metal caps (especially Parker 51)

The universal cap dismantling tool extracts the metal clutch/liner from metal caps and the inner cap from plastic caps.  This enables work to be carried out on clip attachment or the removal of dents in caps.
Precision cap mandrels are available to support the cap wall while ‘dings’ are removed with a polished steel roller.   Ding removal is particularly effective on gold, silver and gold filled caps, but it also works on steel caps.
Attachments are available for dismantling plastic caps so that work may be carried out on the clip attachment.

The standard tool in a wooden box includes only the extractor, expander pin  and the instructions.  Price  £78
For each type of cap a collet set is required at   £28 per set
The range of collet sets includes Parker 51, 61, 75 barrel, Jotter, Sheaffer PFM, Imperial, Crest (3 sizes), Reminder ballpen.  Others can be made to order.
The accessories required for plastic inner cap extraction include 3 sizes of pullers to cover the full range of cap diameters.  The set includes a threaded expander pin £98
Mandrels  £25 (PFM and square topped Imperial £45).     Polished steel roller £6.

A full kit for de-dinging Parker 51 caps is therefore £78+28+25+6 = £137
Ding removal with the mandrel and roller
Parker 61 mandrel
Cutters for piston pen washers (Sheaffer, Eversharp, Onoto  -  Sheaffer set illustrated)

The washer cutters are in two parts - the inner and the outer.  The outer is £19 and the inner £8.  For the Sheaffer set here, the 2mm inner is common to all three sizes.  A few Sheaffers require a larger inner.  For Onotos, the inner is the same diameter for all pens.  The outer diameter for Onoto Magnas has four variants, but it has been found that the smallest and the largest washers cover all Magnas adequately.
Cork seal cutters (Onoto and Conway)
These tools are cutters, not punches.  They are made from mild steel, which is fine for cutting cork.  Other types available to special order.

Onoto £20,  Conway £35
Universal inner cap extractor in a wooden box with four sets of collets (for PFM, Parker 51, Reminder ballpen and Sheaffer Crest caps).  
Parker Vacumatic diaphragm tool

This tool indicates the correct length for the diaphragm, holds the ball in position so that you can push it into the holder, and it also helps you to turn the diaphragm inside out (after coating the rubber with talcum powder).   £15

Dismantled caps

The tool fitted with a plastic inner cap extractor.  Note that no rotation occurs at the cap lip so there is no need for the thrust race that other designs require.

Band Clamp

This tool was adapted from a well known dental clamp.  It uses a thin strip of metal shim to apply even pressure around a circular object.  It is useful for holding barrel cracks together while gluing, for supporting fragile barrels while inserting a section and for holding Waterman clips in position while they are being riveted etc, etc.   £20

Open Vacumatics with ordinary pliers!

This the inexpensive way to remove Vacumatic pumps without damage to the threads.

These brass C-rings (with correct internal thread) can be gripped with ordinary pliers in order to unscrew the pump bush.  They are not designed for long and hard use.

For easier operation and long life the steel tool below is recommended.

Two sizes – 1.  For P51 and  Standard Vacs

                     2.  For Oversize Vacs

£5 each.

Parker 51 shell removal

The shell can be removed by gripping on the 48tpi 3-start barrel thread without damage to the sac protector or sac attachment.

Two tools are available:-

1.  A steel three-point grip tool (similar to the Vacumatic pump tool described above).  I consider this to be the best possible tool for the job.  It requires a 3-jaw chuck or Loggerhead pliers like the Vac tool.

Price  £19  (£41 with Loggerhead wrench)

2.  A brass C-ring.  The C-ring is very effective, but it is a ‘starter’ tool and has limited life.  It can be gripped with ordinary pliers, but the life and effectiveness is extended if Loggerhead pliers are used.


Price £5

Nib straightening tools

Two tools are offered.  The convex tool is adequate for most nibs.  Where the finish of the nib is poor on the underside - perhaps because of previous repair -  the concave tool should be used so that the burnisher does not transfer defects to the outside of the nib.

The convex tool comes with a polished silver steel roller/burnisher.  The concave tool comes with a double ended polished silver steel burnisher.  Both form tools are made of mild steel.

Both tools have a 3.5 degree taper and accommodate diameters from 5mm to 10 mm.  Larger sizes can be made to order, but in 20 years of pen repair I have not needed a larger one.

Convex set   in wooden storage block   £32

Full set in wooden storage block   £78

Inner cap depth tool

‘This tool is the most important in the kit’.

(Arthur Twydle).

When setting the nib, this will ensure that there is enough room in the blind cap to accommodate it.  Failure to make this check could cause loss of the nib tip.   Always allow a clearance of about 1mm to prevent ink being drawn on to the end of the blind cap.


Vacumatic Pump Remover  

This tool offers the best way of removing Vacumatic pumps.  It gives a three point grip which eliminates the possibility of distorting the bush (the conventional two point grip tool can crush the bush into an oval shape).  It is available in Standard or Oversize thread.

The tool requires a chuck or bionic wrench (Loggerhead wrench) to tighten it.

The Loggerhead wrench is useful for many other pen repair tasks.

Standard and Oversize  £19 each

Loggerhead wrench  £22 extra


Made to customer requirements - Conway cap buttons, Visofil plunger etc.  Price on application.

Onoto Minor

The Onoto Minor is a plunger filler, but servicing is different from other Onoto plunger fillers.  The button is glued on and has no pin, and the piston nose is hidden down in the barrel throat.

This tool grips the piston nose so that it can be unscrewed and the rod withdrawn (unlike other Onotos, the rod has no collar).

Price £19  (£41 with Loggerhead wrench)

Montblanc 146 and 149 nib tool

This will enable the removal and remounting of the nib unit on 146 and 149 Montblancs.

The 1mm square steel pins engage the holes on either side of the nib holder.  The pins may be placed at 120 or 180 degrees to suit the pen to be serviced, and their spacing may be set simply using the 8mm spanner and pin alignment jig (provided).  The manufacturing technique naturally produces double ended pins; these could be reduced to single ended ones, but they have been left as they are to ease adjustment and to provide insurance in the event of pin damage.

For the user who is not dealing with a vast number of pens, it is more economic than having to purchase the full range of fixed tools.

Price £58

Sheaffer Vac-fil knob remover (wobbly knob model)

This little tool enables the unscrewing of the aluminium retaining collar buried inside the blind cap.  Two teeth engage the slots in the top of this collar which can then be unscrewed (right handed thread) .  The black plastic retainer can then be unscrewed from the plunger rod.

Price £15

Pilot capless pen - nib removal tool

A split screwdriver tool specially designed for removing the nib and feed from the cartridge.

Price £26

Vacumatic thread and seal cleaners

Pump socket cleaners are available in three sizes (Lady/P51, Standard and Oversize.  This double ended tool is designed for two tasks.  The first is to clear/clean the pump socket threads, and the second is to clear debris from the  diaphragm seat.   

Perhaps due to plastic shrinkage or incorrect use of sealant on the threads, it can be difficult to screw in the restored pump and thereby risk breakage of the plastic.  Use of the thread chaser will ensure easy fitting of the pump.
The diaphragm seating collar can often be difficult to clean due to hardening of the old seal and many have been scratched or damaged resulting in poor sealing.  This tool is shaped to match the angle of the seal and will safely scrape off the old material and leave a smooth sealing surface.
The tool material is mild steel and can be sharpened easily with a file.

Price £19 for each size of tool