Mabie Todd Home Pen Sales Buying instructions

Swan 2SF-TU - UK 1927

Pen VG condition with .  Imprint  complete, but not strong.  

Nib Medium Swan No 2

Cap No cracks or marks, but may be a later relacement.  Clipless design.

Length 133 mm capped

Price: £78

Swan Visofil VT340/78 - UK 1937

Pen Ex. condition  with good imprints.  

Nib  Medium Swan No 3.

Cap No cracks or marks.  Clip ball brassed.  White Swan logo on cap top which has been repaired.

Length 130mm capped

Price: £195

Swan Lady Self-filler  272/52 - USA 1925

Pen Lapis ring-top lever filler.   Very Good condition. Clear imprints on barrel and barrel end. Slight pitting to the plating on the lever.

Nib  Broad Swan 2 highly flexible

Cap No cracks or marks and no brassing.

Length 109mm capped

Price: £115

Swan No 2 - England 1935 Pen  Gold plated leverless filler. Excellent  Tiny areas of brassing on filler end and cap lip. Clear imprint.  Nib  Medium flexi Swan No 2  Cap  No marks. No brassing to clip.   Length  136mm capped  Price: £125

Swan Self filler - UK 1920

Pen Excellent condition with clear Sterling hallmarks. No Mabie Todd imprint.  Cartouche engraved ‘E R H’

Nib Medium flexible Swan No 1

Cap Ex. Hallmarked.  

Length 127mm capped

Ends  black with no oxidisation.

Comment  This style of lever first appeared in 1920, but the Sterling silver hallmark is London 1911.  The Swan clip pocket is included.

.Price: £175

Swan SF2 - UK 1927

Pen VG condition with gold plated bands (small areas of brassing).  Imprint strong. Lever tip brassed.

Nib Fine Swan No 2.

Cap Clipless cap. No cracks or marks.  Idiosyncratic cap top is original!

Length 139 mm capped

Price: £75

Swan Minor SM2/61 - UK 1928

Pen  Red ripple hard rubber lever filler.  Lever black hard rubber. Near mint condition.

 Nib Mabie Todd Swan No 2 medium. Medium flexibility.

 Cap Near mint

 Length 136 mm capped

Price: £ 125

Blackbird BT200/82 - UK 1937

Pen   Spring mounted filler beneath the long blind cap.  Excellent condition with no brassing.  Clear imprint showing that the pen was made for the French market. Clear ink visible barrel.

 Nib Blackbird  medium  flexible.

 Cap Excellent with no brassing.

Length 122 mm capped

Price: £195




Swan 1060 - UK 1949

Pen Lever filler Ex. condition  with strong imprints.  No oxidisation.

Nib Medium Swan Logo No 3

Cap No cracks or marks.  No brassing  .

Length 129mm capped

Price: £85