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Pen Repair Book 4th Edition (reprinted).  Price £34.00 (approx $40).  Post and packing UK £6, Europe £15, rest of the world £20. Spanish edition is £30 plus postage.

Onoto Pen Repair Book  Price £12 plus postage.

Swan Visofil VT Pen  Repair Book  Price £12.00 plus postage.

Ford’s Patent Pen  Repair Book  Price £12.00 plus postage.

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Pen Repair

Onoto Pen Repair

The first edition, with 194 pages in 2008, broke new ground by presenting full colour photographs of dismantled pens and practical ways of repairing them. The emphasis was on adapting and making tools, being patient, using heat to dismantle and assemble and not to be afraid of tackling complex pens.  

The second edition builds on this with 264 pages in a totally redesigned outer cover, with a Canadian half spiral that protects the ring binder and is easier to store and use on a bench.

 The third edition builds on comments received, updates some procedures, adds more information and describes more pens and pencils.  There is also a new chapter on adhesives and much more information on repairing ballpoints and pencils.  

The fourth edition reprinted (300 pages) again includes many more updates, more pens, more on tools and a new section on lathe/machining techniques.

It is a repair book, but it also contains a wealth of resource information on companies and makers.

The illustrations show the components and insides of both classic and unusual pens; whenever possible the procedures are also illustrated together with any special tools that are required.  There are few pens that cannot be repaired after reading this book.  It deals with the basic and the complex; it is a book to read and to use as a reference; a must for both would be repairer and collector.

A page from the Spanish translation

Swan Visofil VT

Ford’s Patent Pen